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If you're looking for Cheap Portable Cabins in Texas, you've come to the right place - sort of. Our cabins are cheap only in price. If you were looking for inferior quality too, you better look elsewhere. Our low maintenance cabins are built to the highest quality standards and are built to last just as long as traditionally constructed homes. They are ideal for your Texas vacation home by the lake, your Texas hunting lodge or your perfect Texas ranch starter home.

What makes our Texas prefab cabins unique? Our building system allows us to create quality craftsmanship at the lowest price, making Cheap Portable Cabins in Texas a stand-out company among other cabin and portable home retailers in Texas; and unlike modular or mobile homes, our cabins are built more like traditional homes, allowing them to appreciate in value. What's more, they can be customized in both floor plan and finishes, giving each of our homes the opportunity to reflect the needs and tastes of the buyer. And then there's the kicker: with our low prices, you won't find a less expensive higher-quality portable cabin alternative in Texas - or maybe anywhere.

Our cabins are constructed similarly to pier and beam homes using 2x4s on 16" centers. Our Texas prefab cabins are well-insulated to be energy efficient and come with preinstalled high-efficiency heating and cooling systems as well as energy star appliances and other energy efficient features to help you save money for years to come. Each cabin is delivered move-in ready, including the ability to be hooked up to utilities immediately.

Quality Construction


Our cheap portable cabins are made of high quality materials, so you can rest assured that your residence will be comfortable and durable.

The high quality of construction means these portable cabins are built to last with little maintenance required.




Whether you need an affordable place to live or want to provide a guest home for visitors, our cabins in Texas are ideal, and you can customize each building to give you the space you need.

We work with you to make sure the design is customized to meet your needs.


A Perfect Country Home

Here is the Owner's story of finding the perfect ranch cabin. Learn why he started this business!

"My family bought a small ranch on the Brazos River where family could gather in comfort for weekends on the water... now we needed that perfect cabin."