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Cabins in Texas offer so many possibilities - whether you're looking for a vacation home near your favorite childhood getaway or you want a hunting cabin for your yearly game excursions, a portable cabin in Texas is the solution you've been looking for! Our Tumbleweed Cabin gives you the vacation home you've always wanted, without the high price of a traditionally-constructed cabin home.

The Ultimate Cheap Cabin

Though our cabins come cheap (they don't have the price tag associated with most vacation homes), they aren't built cheaply. Instead of inferior materials and workmanship, you'll get superior construction and quality. Traditionally-built cabins require contractors, machinery and permits that can quickly raise the price of the cozy cabin home you dreamed of. For a fraction of the time and price of hiring somebody to build a traditional ranch cabin, you'll have a long-lasting, beautiful vacation home you can be proud of - and never worry about accommodations again!

Portable Cabins You'll Love

Our portable cabins give you flexibility - you'll work with us to create a cabin suited to your needs - whether hunting, fishing, weekend getaway or whatever. Then we'll deliver your economical finished product to the site you've chosen. You control the design, based on one of our models, so you'll get the cabin home you desire for far less. The Tumbleweed Cabin is the ultimate economical hunting cabin or vacation home for those with a conservative budget.

You deserve a hunting or fishing cabin you can be proud of. Learn more about the Tumbleweed Cabin or any of our other portable cabins by filling out the form to the right. We'll send you a brochure quickly so you can start thinking about how to customize your vacation home right away. Don't wait - start designing your quality cabin home today!


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"Every house came "move-in" ready. All I had to do was to hook up water, sewer/septic and electricity. It was easy."

Scott explaining what he liked about these portable cabins and why he has made a way for everyone to benefit from his research.


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