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People dream about a cabin in the country. Portable cabins can make this dream come true. They are manufactured with quality and energy efficiency in mind; utility bills will be much lower than other cabins in Texas.

The Corner Suite Cabin is perfect for hunting, a second small home, lake cabin, weekend cabin or extra space for visitors. It can also provide rental income as a small apartment.

Most cabins tend to be expensive. Other cabins are cheap, look cheap and only last a few years. Despite its price, the Corner Suite Cabin is made to look and perform more like a home and not a cheap substitute. It will last for decades and appreciate over time.

The Corner Suite Cabin is perfect for vacation properties around Dallas, TX, Fort Worth, TX, and anywhere near the D/FW metroplex. It features two rooms that you can customize to your specific needs. Everything is included to make your living experience complete. A full bathroom and kitchen, including Energy Star appliances, are standard. Ceiling fans circulate the air and an energy-efficient HVAC system will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. You can use your cabin all year long. Other vendors' cabins are made for specific seasonal use.

If you need an artist's studio, workshop or just an extra room or two, this cabin will fit the bill. Earn extra income from a renter, have space for guests or relatives to stay. On a vacation property, the Corner Suite Cabin will give you space all to yourself.

Your dream cabin can be delivered to almost any location you select. You can begin your vacation getaways as soon as you like.


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"I want it to be nice and I want it to be low maintenance, but for a weekend getaway, $150 a square foot was just too much."

Compare Scott's story to your own experiences of finding that affordable cabin and learn why he chose these cheap portable cabins as not only his home, but his business as well.


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  • Bill H.
    My mother-in-law is no longer able to live on her own. Putting the Corner Suite in our back yard has been the perfect solution. She still retains her privacy and a...
  • Mindy C.
    Our ranch would be a great place for our extended family to gather on holidays and weekends. Building a big house to give everyone a place to stay was an option,...
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