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When you're coming back from a long, enjoyable day of hunting and fishing, the last thing you want to do is worry about accommodations for your whole family. With the Ponderosa ranch cabin, you'll never have to wonder where you're staying again. Take your adventures to the ranch or lake where you can enjoy a vacation home big enough for everyone! This 3 bedroom, 2 bath cabin home has more than enough space for family, your friends, or even your hunting party to settle in and get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life or a long day of hunting.

Why Portable Cabins from CabinsandBarns.com?

Our portable cabins in Texas give you all the comforts of a traditionally-built cabin, without the hassle and worry of hiring contractors. We'll work with you to design your very own custom ranch cabin, then deliver it to the site you've selected about six weeks later. Portable cabins give you the flexibility of a mobile home, but with solid construction that will last. You'll be able to hand down your cabin home to your children and their children - just like a traditional home.

What Can You Do With a Cabin Home?

With our highly-customizable portable cabins, your imagination is the only limit! Use your cabin as a vacation home getaway near your favorite lake, or as a hunting cabin in the woods that the whole family can enjoy. Our cheap cabins are cheap only in the sense that they are reasonably priced, and they'll give you the flexibility and space you and your family deserve.

Wondering where you can get a Ponderosa Cabin home of your own? Fill out the simple form to the right, and we'll send you a brochure right away. Don't let your dreams wait - start building the vacation home you've always wanted today!


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"The thing they ALL had in common is high maintenance. I wanted a place to get away and enjoy my family while relaxing - not ANOTHER 'To Do' item on my project list."

Hear more about Scott's reasons for not going with a log cabin and how easy it is to get everything you want in the cabin of your dreams.


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  • Stacy P.
    We love our new cabin. The open floor plan allows the family to spend quality time together. We especially enjoy the evenings from our cabin's deck watching the sun rise and...
  • Daniel C.
    I loved being able to reconfigure the bathroom to gain more counter space for my wife's toiletries.
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